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Ridge Point Safety

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The objective of this case study is to detail the web design approach crafted by us for Ridge Point Safety, focusing on a platform that emphasizes customized workplace safety solutions. This analysis will delve into how the design effectively communicates the importance of safety, compliance, and risk mitigation, while ensuring an engaging, informative user experience that resonates with companies seeking comprehensive and tailored safety services.

Branding Work

Experience our meticulous branding journey with Ridge Point Safety. Through multiple iterations, we meticulously honed logos and colors, culminating in a brand identity perfectly attuned to their objectives and ethos.

Logo Iterations

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Final Logo

Global Design System

The style guide section features a vibrant palette with Light Sea Green, Blueberry, Cyber Yellow, and Yellow Orange, reflecting a dynamic and inviting brand identity. PT Serif is used for headings, adding a touch of elegance, while Helvetica for body text ensures readability and modern simplicity.

Web Design

Explore our case study on Ridge Point Safety's website redesign. Tailored for businesses with 10+ employees, our solution promotes safety integration, cost-saving measures, and life preservation through customized training and services.





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How much will it cost to design and develop my website or app?

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We work with companies across all industries including retail, tech, insurance, finance and healthcare.

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